(AUDIO) @rcrPalabrasmas con @Marialet1 @argenisrbarreto – 27.8.2014

(AUDIO) @rcrPalabrasmas con @Marialet1 @argenisrbarreto – 27.8.2014 twitter: Palabras mas palabras menos: @rcrpalabrasmas Maria Alejandra Trujillo – @rcrpalabrasmas – @marialet1 ADVERTENCIA: Para escuchar el audio dar un click al boton del reproductor NOTA DE USO (IMPORTANTE): Para dar un mejor servicio a los internautas, si ud esta en una pc, descargue el audio o escuchelo…

Reflection on my MBA experience

May 22, 2013 was a hot, humid day that began with clouds and drizzles and ended with sun, smiles, and celebration as me and the rest of the Rutgers MBA class of 2013 walked across the stage at NJPAC in Newark, NJ to receive our diplomas. “How do you feel!?” my classmate Julie asked a few of … Continue reading


“When ever I hear “vlog,” I think of dracula trying to say blog. And i laugh out loud. Vicious cycle.” – Jim Silverman, jim-silverman.com  

I miss you Twitter. But it’s okay.

I’m a self-proclaimed social media addict, but I haven’t been very active my own Twitter account – @hannahlah – much at all lately. Recently, I was called out for this by a friend/follower. So, I decided to write about a few reasons why this is, and in my opinion, they’re pretty legit. First, I’ve been … Continue reading

6 Resources for the Aspiring Entrepreneur

Originally posted here. In my MBA classes at Rutgers Business School, I have learned that creativity, perseverance, solid business skills, and passionate determination make an entrepreneur. But, there are also additional resources that help entrepreneurs along the way. Here are some of my favorites. 1. Inventor sites A professor and mentor of mine, dt ogilvie, … Continue reading

Entrepreneurship meetup notes

“Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s throats.” -Howard Aiken Last week I attended two entrepreneurship meetups: NJTech and Startup Newark. I love being surrounded by the passion, energy, and creativity that emanates from members. I thought of the above Howard Aiken … Continue reading

What’s Beyond Twitter & Facebook?

Last week, @dutchessmtg tweeted to me:  How can a new product have a bigger online presence other than from using Facebook and Twitter? (luggage) Those who have heard my lectures on social media know I am a huge fan of using social media to find core niche spaces for brands (especially new ones) to communicate … Continue reading